How long does it take to create my hat?

We start the process of making your hat the day after your payment clears.  It can then take up to 5 days for your hat to be finished.  This does not include weekends.

We have a waiting list based on the date payment is received.  During the height of race season .. April to August it may be necessary to increase our waiting list time from 5 working days to 10 working days however we will inform you of this change on our home page before you order.

We understand that our clients cannot always finalise an outfit until the last week of their event and we will always try to accommodate urgent orders at no extra charge, but please email first to ensure i can help.

What sizes are the fascinators you make?

Our satin loop fascinators come in various sizes and the measurements are as follows

Small Hats – £29 & £35 fascinators are approximately 16-19cm wide and 6-8cm high NOT including feathers.
Medium Hats – £40, £46 & £50 fascinators are approximately 28-32cm wide and 9-13cm high NOT including feathers.
Large Hats – £60 and upwards fascinators are approximately 40-44cm wide and 20-24cm high NOT including feathers.

When will I receive my hat?

We use First Class recorded delivery as our preferred method in the UK but you can upgrade to special next day delivery if required. Please see our postage/delivery page for further information.

We use International Signed for delivery overseas and it is dependent on the receiving country postal customs.  Again please see our postage/delivery page for further information.

Can I have a discount or combine postage for more than 1 hat purchase?

If you are buying and paying for 3 or more hats at the same time then we can offer a discount however please contact us first.

If you are buying and paying for 2 or more hats at the same time we can pack two small hats in one box and therefore you only pay one postage cost.  Unfortunately we cannot pack the medium or large sized hats with other hats and we cannot offer combined postage on this size.

Do you wholesale?

Yes we do wholesale to small boutiques and retailers around the world however we do not wholesale to businesses to trade on auction sites.

Please contact us if you are interested in wholesaling 10 or more hats.

Can you tell me how you make your hats?

The hat designs you see are from a unique design which I personally created 9 years ago and have improved and changed over the years.  When creating it I registered the design and also have copyright over all the photographs and art content seen on this website. This means I cannot tell you how I create this design or allow my photographs to be used.

Do you accept custom orders?

The majority of our designs are shown on the site, however each design is adaptable and you can change it, add to it or reduce the feather content, simply contact us to discuss. We cannot look at photographs of other designs to see if i can copy them.  I do not copy other milliners work as this is not ethical and illegal.

Can you call me or can I call you?

At present we do not intend to offer a telephone customer helpline.  There are three reasons for this and we frequently look at our decision so may offer this service in the future.

Cathrine works in the workshop on her own daily. She suffers from a very rare disease called Myasthenia Gravis and this means her muscles are incredibly weak to the point certain parts of her body stop working completely sometimes for minutes and sometimes for days or months.  The day to day effect means she cannot speak clearly as her face muscles are weak, so she would not be understood by telephone.  Cathrines’ arms and legs are also weak and she uses a wheelchair to get about and can only make a certain number of hats in a day. Her eyelids also shut throughout the day so that she cannot see.

The other ladies who help create the hats do not work onsite so cannot answer calls or make them.

We price the hats on our website shop at a very low retail price and they currently sell in some retail shops for 3 1/2 times our online price.  We manage to do this for you by keeping our overheads to a minimum and not employing someone to take and make calls.

In a time of fantastic customer service when we are used to going into high street chains and calling them to ask for advice, our decision may seem odd but if we are to continue to provide fabulous fascinators at low prices we must keep with this decision for now.

How do I secure the fascinator to my head?


The comb ‘teeth’ should be horizontal and always come from the back of your head, towards your face. Combs need help to stay in place so when you have worked out where you want it to sit on your head, place a few kirby grips below and above where the comb will sit, spay hair-spray in between the grips and then insert the comb. See my tips page for more information and photo help tips.


Place the fascinator on the top of your forehead, whilst holding the elastic in both hands, run your nails along your scalp toward the base of your neck. Now use a comb to hide the elastic under your hair. Once it is hidden, lift the fascinator towards the ceiling and away from your head (5cm will do), and now move it towards the side of your face to where you want it to sit. Cover any elastic on show with your hair.


We do not use headbands which have the tiny teeth on them as they interfere with the satin on the base of our design.  We therefore use structured 5mm metal headbands in silver or gold.  These headbands can be bent to size for smaller or larger headsizes.  The silver headbands we use for large hats have a small comb at the base of each side of the headband. See my tips page for more information and photo help tips.